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To get where I am today I sometimes had to follow the hard road. I created opportunities and took them, I fell flat on my face and got up again, and my way was long and treacherous. Without those difficulties however, TriStar and me wouldn’t have been here today.

JPBerg ICT-services

The year 2000. A new millennium full of new opportunities. After a short employment at a ICT-firm, I got a feeling I wanted to go into business for myself, which led to the birth of my first own company, JPBerg ICT-services. That same year, during a business convention, I met the owner of a company that specialized in selling cleaning products. Being a real ICT-guy I wasn’t really very interested in that business, until my eyes fell on a flyer about a cleaning product for F16-planes. That brought me back for a moment to the Wednesday afternoons of my youth, spotting F16-planes at the military airfield Gilze-Rijen with my grandparents. That won me over. I enthusiastically started working for that company as a sales representative. I first had to get my driver’s license real quick: comes in handy for a life on the road. And so, 18 years old, I drove around in a car full of samples and with a stomach full of jitters, to promote cleaning products to potential customers. In the end this company and I didn’t altogether click. Fate intervened once more, and I met the then CEO of TriStar. Not long afterwards I transferred to his firm. In the meantime, during a local cycling event, I got a phone call informing me that I was going to be sued for 350.000 guilders because of a non-compete obligation. Fortunately we were able to fix it, but that was a real shocker for a 18 year old boy trying to find his way in the corporate world. For years I worked with a great deal of pleasure for TriStar, until the entrepreneur in me gained the upper hand once again. In a series of exploratory talks with the board it turned out there could be a possibility to fulfill my aspirations within TriStar, namely as franchisee, together with one of my collegues and a former ICT-associate. And so, on February 1st 2005, TriStar Industries was born. This ménage-à-trois however was short-lived. After some years of battles, which ultimately took us to court, we reached a settlement and we could go on. In 2007 we moved in with our franchiser in Hazeldonk, and we joined the TriStar Management Team.


We also made a lot of technical progress.
  • The first phase of our production line has been scaled-up to version 1.2 with a second filling line, a more efficient process and enlarged production capacity.
  • Mid 2016 we set up a Tele Sales Team. This team already approached a lot of (potential) customers, which led to a great number of account manager appointments and to an increased turnover. This certainly is a process to be continued and, where possible, to be extended.
  • A new truck has enlarged our transport capacity.
  • The outside of our building was painted and our current logo was added to our wall advertisement, according to our corporate identity.
  • We are working on the optimization of our order process by using customer portals and Active Stock Management.


And it doesn’t stop here, we are in full swing. More efficient processes, process control, quality compliance and reliability enable us to expand our activities, with an extended focus on international markets. As we are starting to outgrow our current production site, we are busy developing a new building project. In short, TriStar grew into what we are today: a modern and fully operational production company as well as a serious player in the market for cleaning products for the (petro)chemical- and food industry and in the consumer market. A company ready to face the future.